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The Valley National Bancorp is one of the regional banks holding corporations which have been based in the city named Wayne in New Jersey. Its major ancillary, Valley National Bank, functions around 209 workplaces within 30 nations in the northerly and central parts of the Manhattan, New Jersey, Queens, Brooklyn, Florida, and Long Island.

Routing Number of Valley National Bank

Routing numbers comprise of a 9-digit banking number or code that has been printed on your bank check’s bottom that is necessary for automated routing of funds (like the international and domestic wire transfers, direct deposits, automatic payments, electronic payments, ACH transfers) from any bank account to the other.

The Valley National Bank has devised around 39 active routing transit numbers. The most stress-free method to discover your respective routing number is to have a look at your checks provided by your bank.

Valley National Bank Routing Number

Routing Number Address City 
0212013831460 VALLEY RDWAYNE
0212016001460 VALLEY ROADWAYNE
0212044031460 VALLEY RDWAYNE
0212052531460 VALLEY RDWAYNE
0212065371460 VALLEY RDWAYNE
0212065661460 VALLEY ROADWAYNE
0212067151460 VALLEY ROADWAYNE
0212069931460 VALLEY ROADWAYNE
0212070441460 VALLEY ROADWAYNE
0212072351460 VALLEY RDWAYNE
0212072801460 VALLEY RDWAYNE
0212133391460 VALLEY RDWAYNE
0214016171460 VALLEY RDWAYNE
0214137281460 VALLEY ROADWAYNE
0260113581460 VALLEY ROADWAYNE

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