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If you are based in South Carolina and are searching for a banking institution that can take care of all your funds, assets, and other financial aspects, then the South State bank is the one that you should go for. The South State Bank provides its clients with plenty of financial assistance services such as the South State Bank Routing Number for swifter fund or wire transfer together with Online and Personal Banking Facilities to provide the best banking experience.

South State Bank, which has been established in Columbia, is the biggest banking institution centered in South Carolina and a South State Corporation subsidiary. As of now, it possesses $14.5 billion in terms of assets together with the 165 offices or branches.

The South State Bank has been attending the financial requirements of their clients and the communities from the year 1934. By being spot-on to their standards of relationship banking, they have turned out to be one among the biggest developing regional banks from the South.

Whilst their proficiencies endure to evolve, their methodology is the same that is taking the stretch to turn all the things on the mark so that their communities prosper and the clients comprehend their financial attainment.

They have been assembled on the same establishment that has shaped their bank for above 80 years. From the time when they started in 1934, South State Bank has developed from being a minor rural community bank to a dominant regional bank ingrained in the South. The customers of the South State Bank have the access to the ATMs and sites in 4 states namely South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia.

In a time period of last 80 years, they have shared their history with the resident communities, companies and clienteles. These relations have assisted in shaping who they are as a corporation and how they go with their business.

The South State Bank has a really long history of offering top-notch relationship banking with the power and constancy our clients basically count on. By means of the partnerships with the remaining community banks, they now possess areas where their legacy of facility dates rear to the year 1900. We identify the extended history of these groups and respect them like their own part.

Since they strive for development, they are going to continue their legacy of facilities and the pledge to relationship banking, which has been a trademark of the institution for beyond 100 years.

South State Bank Routing Number

The South State Bank comes with 23 active routing numbers.

A routing number or the routing transit number comprises of a 9-digit long numeric code that it written on the left-side bottom edge of the bank checks that is needed for automated fund routing (like wire transfers, direct deposits, automatic payments, electronic payments, ACH transfers) from any bank account to the other.

Routing Number Address City 
0530121972430 MALL DRN. CHAS
0531122042430 MALL DRN. CHAS
0532009832430 MALL DRIVEN. CHAS
0532079312430 MALL DRIVEN CHAS
0532079602430 MALL DRN. CHAS
0532739812430 MALL DRIVEN. CHAS
053274090P O BOX 1287ORANGEBURG
0532741392430 MALL DRIVEN CHAS
0539081882430 MALL DRIVEN. CHAS
0611025492440 MALL DRCHAS
0611043142430 MALL DRIVEN. CHAS