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The Regions Financial Corporation commercial services business that has been established inside the Regions Center situated in Birmingham, Alabama. This financial corporation offers you with the retail as well as commercial banking, securities brokerage, trust, mortgage, and insurance products and facilities.

The banking subsidiary of the Regions Financial Corporation, Regions Bank, functions 1,906 ATMs and nearly 1,527 branches or offices in as many as 15 states within the Southern and Mid-Western United States. The Regions Financial Corporation is the solitary member of the Fortune 500 that has been centered in Alabama and has been awarded the 436th spot in the year 2017. It is further been stated on the listing of the biggest banks situated in the United States of America.

On or after June 30, 2017, the Regions Financial Corporation was the biggest credit holder in Alabama, having around $22.677 billion in terms of local deposits, or the 22.58% of entire local deposits. Within Tennessee, the Regions were further the biggest deposit holder having near about $17.3 billion in terms of overall deposits, or the 14.1% of entire local deposits. The Regions Financial Corporation comprises of $7.2 billion in terms of deposits in Louisiana, $4 billion in terms of deposits in Arkansas, $19.1 billion in terms of deposits in Florida, and $6.6 billion in terms of deposits in Mississippi.

The headquarters of the company is inside the Regions Center which is situated in Birmingham, Alabama. The corporation has sponsored the Regions Field, a small league baseball ground located in Birmingham, Alabama. It has also funded the Regions Charity Classic, which is a golf playoff organized in the years 2009 and 2010. The corporation also has a partnership with the Operation HOPE, Incorporation to deliver free financial learning to the underserved community.

Routing Number of Regions Bank

The routing number of the Regions Bank is the customary 9-digit number, which is needed for setting up several kinds of banking transactions like the direct deposits, wire transfers, electronic payments, etc. The Routing Number is also termed as the routing transit number or RTN, ABA number, and ACH number.

The most stress-free method to track down the Regions Bank Routing Number is to have a look at the lower left-hand corner of the bank checks or the deposit slips. Beginning from the left-hand side edge, the routing number is the initial 9-digits of that series of numbers. You must bear in mind that every single bank’s routing number changes from one state to another.

State Wise Region’s Bank Routing Number

StateRouting / Transit Number
North Carolina053012029
South Carolina053201814

Having this number is going to facilitate faster processing of funds from one bank account to the other without any sort of a hassle or problem. In addition, the Regions Bank Routing Transit Number and the swift codes are really beneficial for the people who live away from their family and constantly have to send money back home. Further, you might be able to perform plenty of other kinds of transactions as well using the Regions Bank Routing Number, which is namely ordering checks, making direct deposits, ACH transfers, etc.

Regions’ Wire Transfer Routing Numbers

The banking transaction that has been termed as the wire transfer is an electronic mode of transferring the funds from any financial establishment to the other. So as to obtain a wire transfer for your savings or checking account, you are going to require providing the sender with the applicable routing number along with your specific account number. Below we have provided the routing number for making domestic wire transfers and the swift code for the international wire transfers for the Regions Bank.


The Regions Bank international wire transfer swift code is UPNBUS44.


The Regions Bank wire transfer routing number is 062005690.