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The RBFCU is one among the most prevalent banks in America owing to their devotion not just in proposing good financial services, but moreover the financial direction to their customers. An indispensable section of the banking facility is the RBFCU routing number, which offers an amazing set up a smooth transaction process for the customers.

Owing to the several advantages being provided at the RBFCU, it is not astonishing why several people choose to form an account here, but there exists a scenario while you are inquired by your employer or biller to offer the bank’s routing number.

RBFCU actually just offers a single routing number, but still, there are a few people who are uninformed this fact. In case you are part of the lessening percentage of individuals who still make use of checks, then you might have been faltering through your RBFCU routing number on each of such occasions and then also are unaware about it.

What is a Routing Number?

A routing number is a 9-digit number which might also be known as the ABA RTN which is an acronym used for the American Bankers Association Routing Transit Number. This functions like an electric address for the banking institutions that are located in the USA. In simple words, the routing number is the distinct number of the office or branch where you had initially opened an RBFCU account, in the singular case of this credit union simply the routing number 314089681 is allocated. Thus, you don’t require finding out the precise branch of the bank.

In case you are still speculating where the remaining RBFCU branches, institutions, and automatic teller machines (ATM) are, you might easily search it on Google. In case you are interested in getting more information and the distinct methods by which you might be able to find your RBFCU routing number, go through the below-given sections.

How to Find the RBFCU Routing Number?

Whilst a few banks make use of several routing numbers for every single branch that they have, the Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union makes use of only a single one.  Even though there is just one RBFCU routing number, not a lot of people are mindful of what it really is. This might give rise to them scrambling above their place whenever they are inquired for it.

In case you possess a checking account, finding the number for the routing is really easy as it has been written at the left-side bottom edge of your checking slip.

Since a few banks account further possess 9-digits, close to the Randolph Brooks routing number, one among the stress-free methods to locate the routing number is still by means of the checking slip. It is the number, which has been provided on the bottom left-side with the 2 matching symbols encircling it.

Even supposing your routing number has been written on the checking slip, that doesn’t signify that you must begin checking the ATM or debit cards so as to get the RBFCU routing number, as well. The debit cards and the checking slips come under diverse systems.

Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union – Introduction

There are several banks all over the world, but the aspect that stages the Randolph Brooks separately out of the other is their dedication to assist people in achieving their business goals, this further display that their prophecy and motto “Save time, save money and earn money”. Every single bank provides the financial or banking services, but the RBFCU is one among the limited that is enthusiastic to walk the extra mile to turn the experience of their customer further valuable.

You might have caught of the saying “Time is money.” This is particularly spot-on from the perspective of RBFCU. They consider that while the people possess more time, it makes them earn all the more money. Another mission of the RBFCU group is to assist the clients in freeing their time with the intention to provide them the chance to produce money.

RBFCU began with serving the families & the military armies, but presently their reach has lengthened to an entire set of additional places within Texas, and worldwide. RBFCU comprises of above 55 branches worldwide, but the 3 foremost workplaces are situated in Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas.


The RBFCU routing number is an important figure that you need while setting up electronic transactions. Owing to this, it is important that you remember the distinct methods by which on you might be able to get it into use.