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The NBH Bank is a banking organization, which offers business and personal banking facilities and products. The products and services for personal banking comprise savings and checking accounts; certificates of deposit (CDs) and money markets; debit, ATM, and credit cards; telebanking and online banking; ID theft security; foreign money exchange, overdraft, combined statements, cash advance, direct deposit and wire transfers through the NBH Bank Routing Number, bank by mail, and money orders; home loans, personal loans, and lines of credit; and retirement accounts and private banking.

The corporation’s business banking services and products comprise business mobile and online banking, deposit accounts, merchant, treasury, depository, international, CDS, debit and credit; commercial and commercial estate loans; energy banking, commercial finance, agribusiness, and food banking, and nonprofit and government financing; and checking accounts, savings and money market accounts, loans or mortgages, and treasury facilities for minor business customers.

About NBH Bank

NBH Bank was previously recognized as the NBH Bank, National Association and reformed its title to the NBH Bank dated January 4, 2016. The corporation was established in the year 2010 and has been based in Greenwood Village, Colorado having settings in Kansas and Missouri. NBH Bank functions like the subordinate of the National Bank Holdings Corporation.

NBH Bank Routing Number

The NBH Bank has nearly 24 active routing numbers on offer, which help their customers or clients on daily basis for the purpose of transferring money back home or to their family through wire transfers, making direct deposits, and ordering checks.

If we go further deep on what actually routing number is – These numbers are also known as routing transit numbers that comprise a 9-digit number code, which you might be able to locate on the left-side bottom of the bank checks and is necessary for setting up routing or transferring of funds electronically via international and domestic wire transfers, direct deposits, automatic payments, electronic payments, ACH transfers, etc. from any bank account to the other.

Routing Number Address City 
101000789PO BOX 26158KANSAS CITY
101002716PO BOX 26158KANSAS CITY
101002949PO BOX 26158KANSAS CITY
101005690PO BOX 26158KANSAS CITY
101006699PO BOX 26158KANSAS CITY
101007041P O BOX 26158KANSAS CITY
101100922P O BOX 26158KANSAS CITY
101219059P.O. BOX 26158KANSAS CITY
102004331PO BOX 26158KANSAS CITY
102100772PO BOX 26158KANSAS CITY
102100992PO BOX 26158KANSAS CITY
102101823PO BOX 26158KANSAS CITY
102102013PO BOX 26158KANSAS CITY
102102916PO BOX 26158KANSAS CITY
102104600PO BOX 26158KANSAS CITY