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Technology has become really advanced irrespective of the field or industry that you work in. Sending or transferring money from one place to the other used to be a really tedious task in the past. But, with the emergence of routing number to make electronic payments and wire transfers, things have become much easier. Today we are going to talk about the First Merit Bank Routing Number, which is going to assist you in making a swifter transfer of money both domestic and international if you have a First Merit Bank Checking or Savings Account.

The FirstMerit Corporation was an expanded monetary service providing establishment that was based in Akron, Ohio, having an asset value of just about $26 billion on or after June 30, 2016, and comprises of as many as 359 branches or banking offices along with 400 ATM settings within the places like Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

FirstMerit offered a wide variety of investment and other commercial facilities to the businesses as well as customers. The main affiliates contained within the FirstMerit Corporation are the FirstMerit Mortgage Corporation, FirstMerit Bank, N.A., and FirstMerit Community Development Corporation. It was acquired by the Huntington Bancshares within the month of August 2016.

In the initial stages of the year 2016, the Huntington Bank declared it is going to buy FirstMerit, dependent on regulatory sanction, in a contract that is going to turn Huntington into the biggest bank within Ohio. Huntington accomplished the acquirement of FirstMerit dates August 16. Owing to the anti-trust apprehensions by means of the Justice Department, the 11 banking offices inside Canton and 2 branches in Ashtabula are being vended to the First Commonwealth Bank.

Furthermore, the 107 banking offices that have been located inside 2.5 miles of remaining Huntington/FirstMerit banking offices are going to be shut. Every single outstanding FirstMerit banking offices and the bank accounts are anticipated to be transformed to Huntington in initial 2017.

The FirstMerit Corporation was established in the year 1845, is presently based in Akron, Ohio at the FirstMerit Tower. The office block or the building, constructed in the year 1931, is the largest in Akron having 27 floors in total.

Find Routing Number Firstmerit Bank NA on a Check

FirstMerit Bank NA Routing Number is a 9-digit number or banking code necessary for setting up several kinds of financial or electronic transactions like the electronic payments, direct deposits, ordering checks, wire transfers, and several other types of financial transactions. The routing numbers are further called the RTNs – Routing Transit Numbers, ABA routing numbers, ABA Numbers, Transit Numbers, and ACH Routing Numbers. The Routing Numbers might vary as per the area where your FirstMerit’s checking or savings account was originally opened and the kind of electronic payment or transaction that you desire making.


Routing Number for FirstMerit Bank NA

The finest and stress-free method to locate the Firstmerit Bank NA Routing Number savings, checking, or corporate account is to gaze at the left-side corner at the bottom of the check that is allotted to you by the FirstMerit Bank for your existing checking or savings account.

Routing NumberAddress**State, Zip
041200555OPC806 AKRONOhio, 44307
041200555OPC806 AKRONOhio, 44307
041201994OPC806 AKRONOhio, 44307
041200555OPC806 AKRONOhio, 44307
041202812OPC806 AKRONOhio, 44307
041200555OPC806 AKRONOhio, 44307
041200555OPC806 AKRONOhio, 44307
041200555OPC806 AKRONOhio, 44307
041200555OPC806 AKRONOhio, 44307
041200555OPC806 AKRONOhio, 44307
041200555OPC806 AKRONOhio, 44307
041200555OPC806 AKRONOhio, 44307
072400528OPC806 AKRONOhio, 44307
072410123OPC806 AKRONOhio, 44307
075901998OPC806 AKRONOhio, 44307
241070501OPC806 AKRONOhio, 44307
241270110OPC806 AKRONOhio, 44307
241270149OPC806 AKRONOhio, 44307
241270291OPC806 AKRONOhio, 44307
241270822OPC806 AKRONOhio, 44307
241271096OPC806 AKRONOhio, 44307
241271180OPC806 AKRONOhio, 44307
241272024OPC806 AKRONOhio, 44307
241272037OPC806 AKRONOhio, 44307
243373484OPC806 AKRONOhio, 44307
244171533OPC806 AKRONOhio, 44307
244171999OPC806 AKRONOhio, 44307
041200555OPC806 AKRONOhio, 44307
041200555OPC806 AKRONOhio, 44307