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A person dreams of plenty of things that he or she would do after retiring from their respective job. But to keep your wealth or money safely, you require having a bank account in a trustworthy bank so that your dreams or plans aren’t compromised. In case you are trying to find any banking institution within Ohio in the United States, the First Financial Bank is going to be the best choice for you as it provides the clients with plenty of premium banking services. In addition, it offers the First Financial Bank Routing Number that helps all its customers to facilitate faster routing of fund electronically from one bank account to another be it international or domestic.

The First Financial Bancorp is a local banking institution that has been based in Cincinnati, Ohio, having its operations or functions center situated in Northern Cincinnati. Set up in the year 1863, First Financial possesses the 8th oldest national bank charter and comprises of 110 workplaces within Ohio, Kentucky, and all over Indiana. The First Financial attained Irwin Financial Corp along with its holdings by means of a government-aided operation dated September 18, 2009. Commencing June 30, 2013, the assets of the company clicked the $6.3 billion mark, $4.8 billion in terms of deposits, $4.0 billion in terms of loans, and $695 million in terms of the stockholders’ equity.

About First Financial Bank

The First Financial Bancorp subordinate, named the First Financial Bank, N.A., started in the year 1863, offers financial and banking facilities products over its 3 lines of commerce: retail, commercial, and wealth administration. The retail and commercial units offer customary banking facilities to consumer and business customers such as the First Financial Bank Routing Number for making wire transfers, direct deposits, and ordering checks. First Financial Wealth Management provides wealth forecasting, portfolio supervision, estate and trust, retirement planning facilities, and brokerage and piled roughly $2.5 billion in terms of assets under the management wing dated June 30, 2013.

The First Financial Bank was established in the year 1863 named the First National Bank of Hamilton and was approved the charter number 56 dated August 10, 1863, in the National Bank Act. The banking institution initially started for business as of August 15, 1863.

In the year 1983, First National shaped a holding named the First Financial Bancorp to permit it to procure other banking institutions and develop beyond the Butler County. In the year 2008, the First Financial Bancorp transferred its head office to Norwood whilst the headquarters for the banking institution stayed in Hamilton. The subsequent year, the company relocated their head office to the Atrium One office block in downtown Cincinnati prior to lastly resolving into the Chemed Center, retitled the First Financial Center, in the year 2011.

First Financial Bank Routing Number

The First Financial Bank comprises as many as 56 active routing numbers. The First Financial Routing Number comprises of a 9-digit long numeric code written at the bottom of your bank checks that are mandatory for electronic transfer of funds (for instance international and domestic wire transfers, direct deposits, automatic payments, electronic payments, ACH transfers) from your bank account to the other.

The stress-free method to locate your routing number is to have a look at the bottom of your bank checks. It is really easy to locate your bank’s ABA routing number along with the account number since they both are written one after the other.

Routing Number For First Financial Bank

Routing Number Address 
041203811SUITE 600
041205631SUITE 600
041210985SUITE 600
042200910SUITE 600
0422022644400 LEWIS STREET
042305420SUITE 600
044072298SUITE 600
044072337SUITE 600
044115760SUITE 600
0622013971630 4TH AVENUE NORTH
071913731SUITE 600
072402856SUITE 600
072414297SUITE 600
074071926SUITE 600
0749023414400 LEWIS STREET