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The Fifth Third Bank is a provincial banking company based in the United States of America, which has been headquartered in the city named Cincinnati, Ohio. The building in which it is situated is known as the Fifth Third Center, and the bank is the primary subordinate of holding corporation named Fifth Third Bancorp. The corporation functions under an Ohio agreement. Its primary businesses comprise of the commercial banking, branch banking, customer lending, payment handling, title insurance, and investment counseling.

The unusual name of the Fifth-Third Bank is the outcome of the June 1, 1908, union of the Fifth National Bank and Third National Bank, to grow into the Fifth-Third National Bank based in Cincinnati. Whilst the Third National Bank was the high-ranking partner, the union was performed while the prohibitionist thoughts were attaining fame, and it is fable that “Fifth Third” was superior as compared to the “Third Fifth,” which might have been interpreted as an allusion to the 3/5s of alcohol. The title underwent a number of alterations from that period of time up until March 24, 1969, while it was reformed to the Fifth Third Bank.

Fifth Third Bank Routing Number

A routing number or the routing transit number is a 9-digit documentation number which is utilized to set up and process the ACH transactions. The ACH transaction is some note that backs a checking account which was introduced by the client offering their account number along with the routing number by electronic means such as Cell Phone Expenses, Insurance Premiums, Utility Costs, etc. The routing numbers are moreover utilized for processing the Direct Deposit and are needed for reorganizing the checks.

For the arriving wire transfers, the Fifth Third Bank Routing Number is 042000314. For any other kind of a transaction such as Direct Deposit, ACH, Check Reordering, you may locate the Fifth Third Bank Routing Number as per the district where your bank account was primarily opened.

How can we receive or send wire transfer with a Fifth Third Bank Account?

The wire transfers, either outgoing or incoming, might be performed by means of the Fifth Third Banking Center which is going to charge you a fee. The below-mentioned information is going to be needed so as to process these transactions or transfers:

  • Fifth Third Bank Account number
  • You Name like it appears on the account

You must use the Fifth Third Bank Routing Number 042000314 for the incoming wires to your Fifth Third Bank Account, or get the Routing Number of your respective banking institution you desire to wire the assets to.

RegionRouting Number
FL – Central Florida063109935
FL – North Florida063113057
FL – South Florida067091719
FL – Tampa, Florida063103915
GA – Georgia263190812
IL – Chicago071923909
IN – Central Indiana074908594
IN – Southern Indiana086300041
KY – Central Kentucky042101190
KY – Northern Kentucky042100230
KY – Southwestern Kentucky083002342
MI – Eastern Michigan072405455
MI – Northern Michigan072401404
MI – Western Michigan072400052
MO – St. Louis, Missouri081019104
NC – North Carolina053100737
OH – Cincinnati, Ohio042000314
OH – Columbus, Ohio044002161
OH – Northeastern Ohio041002711
OH – Northwestern Ohio041200050
OH – Southern Ohio042207735
OH – Western Ohio042202196
PA – Western Pennsylvania043018868
TN – Tennessee064103833