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The Chase Bank is a banking institution based in Manhattan, New York City, which organizes the user and commercial banking secondary of the United States international banking and financial facilities holding corporation named JPMorgan Chase & Co. The bank provides its customer s with services such as credit cards, commercial banking, mortgages, wire transfers through the Chase Bank Routing Number, auto loans, and checking & business banking. The bank used to be called the Chase Manhattan Bank up until it shook hands with J.P. Morgan & Co. in the year 2000. The Chase Manhattan Bank was shaped by the union of the Chase National Bank together with the Manhattan Company in the year 1955. The bank has been based in Columbus, Ohio from the time when its union with the Bank One Corporation came up in the year 2004.

This bank is one among the national banks whose main persistence is to perform business along with Chase. It only comprises of the customer and marketable banking subsidiary of the international banking establishment JP Morgan Chase. Both the JP Morgan & Co and the Chase Manhattan Bank combined in the year 2000 and therefore it got the name of the Chase Bank. It has above 5,100 financial centers of the Chase Bank and above 16,100 ATM’s countrywide, to offer their consumers. Over 265,360 employees have been hired and several operators are positioned in above 100 nations.

It further offers the Chase Bank Routing Numbers to the customers to support them in performing the work within a bit simpler method.

Growth and Origin of the Chase Bank

The Bank was established in the year 1799 and is offering the finest banking facilities to their clients for above 210 years. Formerly, this bank used to be known as the Manhattan Company which further combined with JP Morgan in 2000 for nearly $34 billion and turned out to be JP Morgan Chase.

Chase Bank Routing Number

The Chase Bank offers a wide selection of facilities and products to their bank account clients and moreover several preposterous services presented by the bank. Their facilities comprise of money market accounts, testing savings, credit cards together with the debit card service as well, and business banking facilities for all the clients that are running their own business. It further offers advice to those who want to invest, asset managing, and several other services that several other institutions might not offer. The Chase Bank also comprises of their individual Chase Bank Routing Numbers.

JPMorgan Chase Bank Routing Numbers

RegionRouting or Transit Number
New Jersey21202337
New York – Downstate21000021
New York – Upstate22300173
West Virginia51900366

The facilities and bank services are so progressive that consumers have rated them really high owing to their unbelievable service such as online banking facility. We characteristically face a problem initially whilst you need to open an account as we require visiting the bank, but the Chase Bank has provided the finest online filling of form and account opening capability from your house or even on the go. In case the Chase Bank is far away from your premises, the online opening of the bank account and management of your record is going to be the stress-free method to assist you through the procedure. In addition to this, the Chase Bank Routing Number is further offered to the person who holds the account to turn the functioning easier.