TCF National Bank Routing Number – US Bank Location

The TCF National Bank is the exclusively held funding subsidiary of the TCF Financial Corporation, which is a bank holding corporation and has been based in the city of Wayzata, Minnesota. On or after November 2017, the bank has just about 321 branches or offices in Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Colorado, South Dakota, and Arizona.

The TCF National Bank started this business in the year 1923 being the Twin City Building and Loan Association. The business became public in the year 1986 commissioned under the label of the TCF Banking and Savings. In spite of a few bank procurements like the Standard Financial and Great Lakes Bancorp, the TCF National Bank has developed principally by means of the de novo development.

TCF Bank Routing Transit Number

The TCF Bank Routing Number is a 9-digit code or number that is primarily and sometimes utilized for making direct deposits, setting up any kind of electronic payments like the domestic or international wire transfers, and for ordering checks, etc. These numbers are also recognized as RTN or the Routing Transit Number, ACH Routing Numbers, and ABA Routing Number. The finest method to find the TCF National Bank Routing Number is to have a look at the bottom-left position of the check of the savings or checking bank account that you have with the TCF National Bank.

StateRouting Number
South Dakota291070001

All Routing Numbers for TCF National Bank

Routing NumberAddress**State, Zip
011975221MC:PCC-1B-J PLYMOUTHMinnesota, 55441
122106183MC: PCC-1B-J PLYMOUTHMinnesota, 55441
272471548MC: PCC-1B-J PLYMOUTHMinnesota, 55441
107006444MC: PCC-1B-J PLYMOUTHMinnesota, 55441
071001274271972572801 MARQUETTE AVE MINNEAPOLISMinnesota, 55402
071002040271972572801 MARQUETTE AVE MINNEAPOLISMinnesota, 55402
071004365271972572801 MARQUETTE AVE MINNEAPOLISMinnesota, 55402
271071156271972572801 MARQUETTE AVE MINNEAPOLISMinnesota, 55402
271071334271972572801 MARQUETTE AVE MINNEAPOLISMinnesota, 55402
271971887271972572801 MARQUETTE AVE MINNEAPOLISMinnesota, 55402
271972572MC: PCC-1B-J PLYMOUTHMinnesota, 55441
291070001MC: PCC-1B-J PLYMOUTHMinnesota, 55441
275970813275071385801 MARQUETTE AVE MINNEAPOLISMinnesota, 55402
275971524275071385801 MARQUETTE MINNEAPOLISMinnesota, 

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