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The Santander Bank, which was previously known as the Sovereign Bank, is an entirely owned subordinate of the Spanish Santander Group. It has been based within Boston and its primary market is the northeastern part of the United States of America. It possesses $54.7 billion in terms of deposits, functions nearly 650 retail funding workplaces and above 2,000 ATMs, and the bank further comprises of near about 9,800 employees. It provides a broad selection of financial and banking services as well as products that comprise of mortgages, retail banking, cash organization, corporate banking, capital markets, credit card, insurance, and trust and wealth management.

The Sovereign Bank, which it previously used to be, was re-registered as the Santander Bank in the month of October 2013; the arena, stadium, and the performing arts center for which it possesses the naming rights were further reregistered.

Santander Bank Routing Number

The Santander Bank (once Sovereign Bank) is an exclusively retained subordinate of the Spanish Santander Group. That has been headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, the bank whose primary market is with the regions of North-Eastern US now comprises of above $77 billion in terms of assets, runs nearly 723 retail banking workstations, above 2,300 ATMs (comprising of 1,100 in CVS drugstores all the way through the Northeast) and has hired around 9,000 individuals.

Coming to the Santander Bank Routing Number, which is also known as the ABA and Routing Transit Number, is a 9-digit code that is required to set up wire transfers, direct deposits, and several other transactions that one needs to make online through the internet. The Santander Bank Routing Number has been given below for your reference:

Routing NumberAddress**State, Zip
021206074601 PENN ST., 5TH FLOOR READINGPennsylvania, 19601
021206676601 PENN ST., 5TH FLOOR READINGPennsylvania, 19601
021207002601 PENN ST., 5TH FLOOR READINGPennsylvania, 19601
021207028MAIL CODE 10-6438-AH5 READINGPennsylvania, 19612
021207358MC: 10-6438-AH5 READINGPennsylvania, 19612
026010058601 PENN ST., 5TH FLOOR READINGPennsylvania, 19601
0313021171125 BERKSHIRE BOULEVARD WYOMISSINGPennsylvania, 19610
0319020381125 BERKSHIRE BOULEVARD WYOMISSINGPennsylvania, 19610
231372691601 PENN STREET READINGPennsylvania, 19601
211371308601 PENN STREET READINGPennsylvania, 19601
221270758601 PENN ST. , 5TH FLOOR READINGPennsylvania, 19601
221271456601 PENN ST., 5TH FLOOR READINGPennsylvania, 19601
221272332601 PENN ST., 5TH FLOOR READINGPennsylvania, 19601
221272361601 PENN ST., 5TH FLOOR READINGPennsylvania, 19601
2312711611125 BERKSHIRE BOULEVARD WYOMISSINGPennsylvania, 19610
2312714041125 BERKSHIRE BOULEVARD WYOMISSINGPennsylvania, 19610
2313716631125 BERKSHIRE BOULEVARD WYOMISSINGPennsylvania, 19610
2313723871130 BERKSHIRE BOULEVARD WYOMISSINGPennsylvania, 19610
2313749451125 BERKSHIRE BOULEVARD WYOMISSINGPennsylvania, 19610
2313756301130 BERKSHIRE BOULEVARD WYOMISSINGPennsylvania, 19610
011075202601 PENN STREET READINGPennsylvania, 19601
0113752451125 BEKSHIRE BOULEVARD WYOMISSINGPennsylvania, 19610
231372691MAIL STOP CP-201 LAWRENCEMassachusetts, 01841
211073499601 PENN STREET READINGPennsylvania, 19601
211371450601 PENN STREET READINGPennsylvania, 19601
221271265601 PENN ST., 5TH FLOOR READINGPennsylvania, 19601
226071237601 PENN ST., 5TH FLOOR READINGPennsylvania, 19601
2311701811125 BERKSHIRE BOULEVARD WYOMISSINGPennsylvania, 19610

In case your account number is an 11-digit number, then the Santander Bank Routing number is 011075150 and for the 10-digit account number, the Santander Bank Routing Transit Number is going to be 231372691.

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