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The People’s United Financial, Incorporated is a financial holding business that possesses the People’s United Bank as a whole. The People’s United Bank functions near about above 400 branches in places namely South-Eastern part of the New York State, Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. This bank has turned out to be the second biggest bank of New England, one among the biggest in the Northeastern parts, and the 46th biggest bank inside the United States of America.

The headquarters of the People’s United Bank was constructed in the year 1989. The building was planned by Richard Meier, who is a world-level prominent architect. This 16 storied building, which is the People’s United Bank building is prevalent in the name of the Bridgeport Center, is the largest building in terms of height downtown Bridgeport, even though that is anticipated to alter owing to the 2 new suburban high-rises scheduled for the year 2020.

The People’s United Bank, as of now, is a really prevalent federally commissioned stock investments bank present in the United States of America and has been set up in Bridgeport. As per its Chief Executive Officer, the People’s United Bank is the leading self-governing bank established in New England, United States.

People’s United Bank Routing Number

The Routing Numbers are the 9-digit codes that are utilized to set up or make direct deposits, commencing wire transfers, and other kinds of e-payments and are further utilized for arranging the checks. The Bank Routing Numbers are moreover known as ABA Routing Numbers, Routing Transit Numbers, and ACH Routing Numbers.

The People’s United Bank Routing Transit Number is 221172186

In case you want to obtain a wire transfer into your People’s United Bank Account, you need to offer the following data to the person or the business that is directing the wire:

For the Domestic US-Based Wire Transfers:

Bank Name: People’s United Bank

Wire Routing Transit Number: 221172186

Account Number: Complete Account Number

City, State: Bridgeport, Connecticut

Name of the Account: The Account’s Name like it is given in the bank’s statement

For International Incoming Wire Transfers:

Bank Name: People’s United Bank

Wire Routing Transit Number: 221172186


City, State: Bridgeport, CT

Account Number: Complete Account Number

Name of Account: The Account’s Name like it is given in the bank’s statement

People’s United Bank Routing Number

Routing NumberAddress**State, Zip
011104131850 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORTConnecticut, 06601
011104199850 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORTConnecticut, 06601
011201432850 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORTConnecticut, 06601
011201500850 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORTConnecticut, 06601
011201526850 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORTConnecticut, 06601
011302616850 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORTConnecticut, 06601
011302768850 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORTConnecticut, 06601
011401876221172186850 MAIN ST BRIDGEPORTConnecticut, 06604
011401931221172186850 MAIN ST BRIDGEPORTConnecticut, 06604
011401960221172186850 MAIN ST BRIDGEPORTConnecticut, 06604
011600062P.O. BOX 820 BURLINGTONVermont, 05402
011600486221172186850 MAIN ST BRIDGEPORTConnecticut, 06604
011600622221172186850 MAIN ST BRIDGEPORTConnecticut, 06604
011802488850 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORTConnecticut, 06601
021408597850 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORTConnecticut, 06604
211072911850 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORTConnecticut, 06601
211170334850 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORTConnecticut, 06601
211174194850 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORTConnecticut, 06601
211371162850 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORTConnecticut, 06601
211371434850 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORTConnecticut, 06601
211372129850 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORTConnecticut, 06601
211373542850 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORTConnecticut, 06601
211373623221172186850 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORTConnecticut, 06601
211470115221172186850 MAIN ST BRIDGEPORTConnecticut, 06604
211470186221172186850 MAIN ST BRIDGEPORTConnecticut, 06604
211672722221172186850 MAIN ST BRIDGEPORTConnecticut, 06604
211770161221172186BC05-651850 MAIN ST BRIDGEPORTConnecticut, 06604
211871154221172186850 MAIN ST BRIDGEPORTConnecticut, 06604
211973049850 MAIN ST BRIDGEPORTConnecticut, 06604
221172186850 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORTConnecticut, 06601

People’s United Bank – Banking Services

The People’s United Bank’s business banking services and products comprise savings accounts, checking accounts, , online banking, remote deposit catching facilities, and mobile banking for businesses; lines of credit, business term loans, business credit cards, commercial mortgages, leasing and equipment loans, and SBA loans; merchant card dispensation, payroll processing, treasury administration, international trade, business insurance, and business sequence planning facility; and retirement plan accessing facility, group insurance plans, and workplace banking.

The personal banking services and products of the company comprise savings, and checking, and money market accounts; online banking services, mobile banking services, debit and credit cards, and distinct retirement accounts; home equity, mortgage, and personal loans; wealth management and advisory services; annuities, mutual funds, sweep choices and rates, fixed income–bonds, college planning amenities and retirement planning facilities; and auto and recreational, homeowners, excess liability , and disability insurance, in addition to annuities.

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