MUFG Union Bank Routing Number

The MUFG Union Bank is one among the best comprehensive-service bank based in America having 398 subdivisions in Washington, California, and Oregon which is exclusively possessed by the MUFG Bank. This banking institution, previously recognized as the Union Bank of California, has processes in the state of California, Washington and moreover has viable outlets in Houston, Dallas, Chicago, and New York City, in addition to 2 international workplaces wherein they offer the best banking services counting the MUFG Union Bank Routing Number for making swift wire transfers. Centered in the New York City, the MUFG Union Bank is a subordinate of holding organization MUFG Americas Holdings Corporation and an associate of the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group.

Commencing December 31, 2014, the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group possessed a totality in terms of assets of nearly $2.3 trillion USD and the MUFG Americas Holdings Corporation possessed $113.7 billion USD in terms of assets. Its establishment is constructed on 5 lineages; 3 have been originated in the state of California and 2 in Japan.

MUFG Union Bank – Acquisition’s Timeline

Below we have mentioned all the acquisitions made by the MUFG Union Bank since its inception:

1864 – The Bank of California

1883 – First National Bank

1905 – The London and San Francisco Bank

1918 – The Bank of Personal Service

1952 – The Bank of Tokyo of California

1958 – Union Bank

1967 – Southern California First National Bank

1972 – Mitsubishi Bank of California

1975 – California First Bank

1988 – BankCal – The Bank of California

In the year 2009, the Union Bank started a division in the state of Texas, having some expanding strategies in mind. Dated April 30, 2010, the Union Bank attained some assets and presumed some liabilities of the Everett, which is a Washington-centered Frontier Bank through the purchase & assumption settlement by the FDIC. 12 corporate directors and officers of the Frontier Bank are disposed to a $46 million loss litigation funneled by the FDIC.

Moreover, in the month of April, the Union Bank attained the possessions of the Tamalpais Bank based in the Marin County, counting the 7 subdivisions. Federal managers traded the Tamalpais’ resources to Union Bank, which also rebranded every single branch that they had acquired. In the year 2012, the Union Bank declared its attainment of Pacific Capital Bancorp, which functioned below the label Santa Barbara Bank & Trust, for a sum of $1.5 billion.

In the year 2013, the Union Bank finalized the attainment of the First Bank Association Bank Services, which delivers a complete selection of banking amenities to the property holder associations and civic management establishments. The acquisition brought nearly just about $550 million in terms of deposits to the Union Bank.

MUFG Union Bank Routing Number

The MUFG Union Bank has nearly 20 routing numbers on offer using which its clients might be able to set up wire transfers, make direct deposits, order checks, etc.

The routing transit number is a 9-digit numeric code, utilized in the US to recognize the financial or banking institution. These codes or numbers are utilized by the Federal Reserve Banks to set up and get done with the ACH direct deposits, funds transfers, bill payments, and other kinds of automated transfers. You may find your respective routing number on the bottom left side of the bank checks which is followed by your bank account number and then the check number.

Routing Number Address City 
111026041PO BOX 85929SAN DIEGO
121000497PO BOX 85929SAN DIEGO
121139685PO BOX 85929SAN DIEGO
121140713PO BOX 85929SAN DIEGO
121140742PO BOX 85929SAN DIEGO
121141864PO BOX 85929SAN DIEGO
121181798PO BOX 85929SAN DIEGO
1220004962-69D-1020SAN DIEGO
122043518PO BOX 85929SAN DIEGO
122220593PO BOX 85929SAN DIEGO
122238077PO BOX 85929SAN DIEGO
122241941PO BOX 82929SAN DIEGO

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