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Unable to transfer money through your Key Bank Savings or Checking Account? Get the Key Bank Routing Number and set up wire transfers, direct deposits, and order checks in a really easier manner. KeyBank, which is the principal subordinate of KeyCorp, is a provincial bank that has been set and runs from in Cleveland, Ohio in the United States of America and is the individual major bank founded in Cleveland. KeyBank has been ranked among the listing of biggest banks that are headquartered in the United States of America.

Key Bank Routing Number

Its consumer base comprises of minor business, retail, corporate, and investment clienteles. The United States of America is the home to around 1,217 KeyBank divisions and 1,500 Automatic Teller Machines, which are in Colorado, Alaska, Florida, Connecticut, Indiana, Idaho, Massachusetts, Maine, New York, Michigan, Oregon, Ohio, Utah, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Vermont. The KeyCorp keeps up business workplaces within 31 distinct states.

The KeyBank Consumer Banking offers facilities such as the branch-centered deposit and investment goods, individual finance facilities and loans, comprising of housing mortgages, home-based equity and several kinds of payment loans. KeyBank further provides estate, financial, and retirement preparation, and asset management facilities to support high-net-worth customers with their investment, faith and portfolio organization, insurance, charitable offering and associated requirements. The customers revel in an award-winning customer facility, and admission to facilities by means of a set-up of 1,009 divisions, 1,311 ATMs, up-to-the-minute customer support centers, and an award-winning website for the users, which is

Key Bank Routing Number details 

Routing Numbers or the Transit Numbers are 9-digit bank documentation number utilized for getting any kind of wire transfers, electronic transactions, direct deposits etc. done. The routing numbers for the banks are further at times known as the transit numbers, ABA routing number, ACH Routing Numbers, etc. They change as per the change in the region in addition to the products like wire transfers, check ordering, etc.

StateRouting/Transit Number
Connecticut222370440 or 021300077 
Indiana – Central & Northern Indiana041001039
New York – Albany, Buffalo, Hudson021300077 or 222370440
Ohio – Columbus, NE, NW, NS041001039
Pennsylvania222370440 or 021300077

All in all, you may conceive the Routing Numbers or Transit Numbers as the bank identification numbers using which you can make any kind of transfers as well as electronic transactions using the account that you hold with that bank.

How to Set Up Direct Deposit in KeyBank

A direct deposit is a suitable choice to deposit Social Security checks or payroll electronically into your KeyBank savings, checking, money market accounts, and health savings.

How can you Sign Up for Direct Deposit using your KeyBank Routing Number & Account Number?

If you want to request a direct deposit for your checks, you require getting in touch with the individual or firm handing out your checks and provide them the following info:

KeyBank Account Number

Get your account number from your Bank’s Online or Mobile Banking App, at the bottom of your check or account statement.

KeyBank Routing Number

You might be able to locate your routing number at the left-side bottom of the bank checks

Direct Deposit Forms

The KeyBank has generated a few simple forms you might be able to use whilst demanding a direct deposit.

For the retirement, payroll, dividend deposits, and annuity, you need to use the Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form.

So as to set-up the Federal benefit payments, you will have to use the Federal Direct Deposit Benefits Mail Form.

Earn Rewards

On top of the suitability and dependability of direct deposit, you are also going to receive KeyBank Relationship Rewards® whilst you cash in on this facility. Like an additional advantage, you will earn extra points for the deposits of $500 or above, per month.

Important Notes:

The checking account that you have with KeyBank should be registered in KeyBank Relationship Rewards before account opening to be eligible for the points. There might be a yearly fee or charges for the KeyBank Relationship Rewards Program centered on the kind of checking account you have or get open.

The value of points that you earn for your Bonus Activities, Activities, and for opening, signing up for or being sanctioned for a Relationship Product might change as well. There is a once-a-month cap of 1,500 points for Activity Point groups.

The bonus points are appropriate for the initial 3 months following the enrollment.

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