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The Comerica Incorporated is a company that offers several kinds of financial services to their customer and has been headquartered in Dallas, Texas. It provides seamless retail banking procedures in Michigan, Texas, California, Arizona, and Florida, having really precise business procedures in more than a few additional states in the United States of America, in addition to Mexico and Canada.

The Comerica Bank is the biggest commercial bank within the United States of America, which has been headquartered in the state of Texas and has been ranked among the listing of biggest banks in the United States of America. The Comerica Bank’s biggest working offices are positioned in Livonia, Detroit, Michigan, Auburn Hills, and Dallas.

Routing number and account number

Apart from all that, the Comerica Bank sponsors the Comerica Theatre that is positioned in Phoenix, the Comerica Park that is situated in Detroit, and it further sponsors the Comerica Bank New Year’s Parade that took place in Dallas in the period of 2007 till 2010.

Comerica Bank Routing Number

Comerica Bank Routing Number is a 9-digit number, which is needed to make or set up direct deposits, commencing e-payments, domestic wire transfers, and ordering checks. The Routing Numbers are further known as the aba routing numbers, routing transit numbers, or the ACH Routing Numbers. These number particularly vary state-to-state for the identical bank, though, a few banks also offer a worldwide routing number for every single state.

Routing NumberAddress**State, Zip
067012099PO BOX 75000 DETROITMichigan, 48275
072000096PO BOX 75000 DETROITMichigan, 48275
072000339PO BOX 75000 DETROITMichigan, 48275
072401064P.O BOX 75000 DETROITMichigan, 48275
072404485P O BOX 75000 DETROITMichigan, 48275
072404786P O BOX 75000 DETROITMichigan, 48275
072409794 072000096P O BOX 75000 DETROITMichigan, 48275
072413133P.O. BOX 75000 DETROITMichigan, 48275
072413256P O BOX 75000 DETROITMichigan, 48275
111925074PO BOX 75000 DETROITMichigan, 48275
113015584PO BOX 75000 DETROITMichigan, 48275
111000753P O BOX 75000 DETROITMichigan, 48275
121137522P.O. BOX 75000 DETROITMichigan, 48275

In case you don’t possess any checks accessible, you might be able to locate the Comerica Bank Routing Number related to that state where you primarily opened your bank account from the table provided online. This might not be the identical state where you hail these days.

Comerica Bank – History

In the year 2000, the Comerica bank sold the credit card segment to the MBNA and shaped a union with the corporation. In the year 2001, the Comerica bank attained the Imperial Bank of California, which moreover possessed divisions or workplaces in Arizona.

Dated March 6, 2007, the corporation publicized its choice to transfer its business headquarters to the city of Dallas to move nearer to its client base within the Sun Belt. In the month of August, the corporation pronounced that it had chosen 1717 Main Street in Downtown Dallas. The company’s officials started transferring into 1717 Main Street in the month of November 2007 and the structure was retitled the Comerica Tower.

At the time of January 2008, the US Department of the Treasury designated the corporation as the issuing banking firm for the Direct Express debit card package. The federal government makes use of the Express Debit package to hand out electronic payments, like the Social Security profits, to the people who don’t possess any bank accounts.

In the month of July 2011, the bank attained the Sterling Bank of Texas for a sum of $1.03 billion. Further, during 2017, the banking corporation pronounced plans to condense its office area by 500,000 sq. ft., saving a sum of $7 million in the year 2018.

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