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The Citizens Business Bank is a financial institute that has been headquartered in Inland Empire West Coast, Greater Los Angeles and was established in the year 1974. This banking institution offers lending, banking, investment, and trust facilities to all the small to average-sized companies and persons. In addition, it provides you with the Citizens Business Bank Routing Number, which facilitates faster transfer of funds electronically from one bank account to the other. It primarily functions in 2 different divisions namely Business Financial & Commercial Banking Centers, Agribusiness, and Dairy & Livestock.

Citizens Business Bank – Overview

For a period of above 40 years, the Citizens Business Bank, has considerately highlighted and signified what is prodigious and critical regarding community banking, which is a dedicated approach on the end of the customer, and plenty of methods by which the bank might be able to assist them in achieving more as far as their business, customers, employees, and the communities they work for.

At the moment, the Citizens Business Bank, having 165 successive quarters of success, is a financial services corporation having a bank at its staple. Their roots in the community banking offer them an innovative capability to deliver the big bank products as well as solutions along with proactive touch and individual attention of the local community bank. This bank delivers banking services within several service sectors and industries counting medical, industrial & manufacturing, property administration, nonprofit, title & escrow, government, and agriculture.

Every single year their associates contribute a lot of time in community service to assist in honoring the community assurance. Their talent and time is sustained by their corporate assistances to above 300 nonprofit establishments.

Citizens Business Bank Routing Number

The Citizens Business Bank provides its clients with as many as 21 active routing numbers, which helps them to easily transfer funds via electronic means. The routing transit numbers comprise a 9-digit number code that is written on the left-side bottom of the bank checks and is necessary for routing the funds electronically by means of international and domestic wire transfers, direct deposits, automatic payments, electronic payments, and ACH transfers from any bank account to the other one.

Routing Number Address City 
121142148PO BOX 3938ONTARIO
1211423973833 EBONY STONTARIO
1220400903833 EBONY STONTARIO
1222007593833 EBONY STONTARIO
1222341493833 EBONY STONTARIO
1222375443833 EBONY STONTARIO
122237612PO BOX 3938ONTARIO
122238048PO BOX 3938ONTARIO
1222385433833 EBONY STONTARIO
1222399373833 EBONY STONTARIO
1222400103833 EBONY STONTARIO
1222401043833 EBONY STONTARIO
122240450PO BOX 3938ONTARIO
1222406673833 EBONY STONTARIO
122240670PO BOX 3938ONTARIO

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