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The Citizens Financial Group, Inc. is a banking service or office of America that has been based in Providence, Rhode Island and functions in the states or regions namely Delaware, Connecticut, Michigan, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Rhode Island. In between the long period of 1988 and its 2014 primary public contribution, Citizens was a solely held subordinate of the RBS Group.

Royal Bank of Scotland traded its final 20.9% stake in the corporation in the month of October 2015. The Citizens functions above 1,200 branches or offices and in the region of 3,200 ATMs through 11 states below the Citizens Bank trademark. The Citizens Bank has been positioned 23rd on the listing of biggest banks headquartered in the United States of America.

Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania Routing Number

The Citizens group was started in the year 1828 named the High Street Bank. In the year 1871, the Rhode Island administration provided another charter to launch the Citizens Savings Bank which ultimately attained its parent group to give rise to Citizens Trust Company. The corporation then extended all over Rhode Island, inaugurating an overall of 29 offices within the state. It set up the Citizens Financial Group like a holding corporation while the bank attained The Greenville Trust Company in the year 1954. In the year 1985, Citizens transformed the standing from a mutual savings bank into a federal stock savings bank. Growth into the further states initiated with Massachusetts in the year 1986.

Resembling numerous other banks, Citizens has contracts with numerous supermarket outlets to discover bank outlets within the stores. The highest numeral of this kind of branches is in the Pittsburgh-built Giant Eagle outlets, a majority of which were developed in the procurement of Mellon Financial Corporation, which is a retail finance subdivision. The Citizens Bank further function its offices within several Stop & Shop and Shaw’s outlets in New England. An irreplaceable feature of Citizens is that the division within the superstores is complete-service finance from the time period of 10 am-3 pm on Sunday, while the banks, comprising Citizens separate branches, are customarily closed.

This turned the Citizens Bank, one among the primary banks in North America to function on Sundays. Within the September 2010, Giant Eagle proclaimed a new contract with the Huntington Bank in which Huntington is going to establish branches within numerous stores in the states like Ohio and West Virginia and is going to substitute the prevailing branches of remaining banks while the outlet’s contracts with those banks terminate.

The Citizens Bank was one among the primary banks within the United States of America to makes use of RFID, which is the Radio-frequency identification technology over the ATM cards that are issues, by means of the MasterCard PayPass. In the after-hours of the year 2009, on the other hand, Citizens started republishing its cards below Visa deprived of the RFID expertise.

Routing Number of Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania

The Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania Routing Number is a 9-digit identification or bank code utilized for numerous bank transactions and payments like the electronic transactions, direct deposits, wire transfers, ordering checks, and several others. The Routing Numbers are further called the routing transit numbers, bank routing numbers, ACH routing numbers, and ABA numbers. The Routing Numbers might diverge dependent on the place you have your checking or savings bank account with the bank and the kind of transaction or payment set up.

How to Locate the Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania Routing Number on the Check?

The finest method to locate the Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania routing transit number for your savings, checking or corporate account is to gaze at the lower left-side turning of the bank’s check. The first 9-digits as a whole are going to be your routing number using which you can make several transactions and wire transfers.

All Citizen Banks Routing Numbers

Routing NumberLocationRegistered Name
011500120Riverside, RICitizens Bank, National Association
021313103Riverside, RICitizens Bank Na
031101143Riverside, RICitizens Bank
036076150Riverside, RICitizens Bank
221370030Riverside, RICitizens Bank Na
222371054Riverside, RICitizens Bank Na
241070417Riverside, RICitizens Bank Na
271071321Riverside, RICitizens Bank Na
011001331Riverside, RICitizens Bank Na
011304517Riverside, RICitizens Bank Na
011401533Riverside, RICitizens Bank Na
011601443Riverside, RICitizens Bank
021372940Hudson, MAAvidia Bank
044015831Riverside, RIAvidia Bank
072402076Riverside, RICitizens Bank Na
211070175Riverside, RICitizens Bank Na
211170114Riverside, RICitizens Bank Na
211574613Riverside, RICitizens Bank Na
231373069Riverside, RICitizens Bank