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Bank of America is a kind of public sector bank established in the year 1904, in the month of October, which 111 years in the past by Amadeo Giannini. It is moreover one among the well-known international bank and monetary services organization of America similar to several other banks such as Wells Fargo Bank and Chase Bank. You may be able to find headquarter of the Bank of America on Charlotte, North California offering several services as well as services for their customers. The Bank of America routing Number is measured to be a 9-digit code stated on the bottom left section of the check allotted to the financial establishments in ABA. The Wire Routing Number of the Bank of America has been asked to those kinds of transactions performed like an electronic payment to transfer funds.

Bank of America Routing Number By ABA

Reputation and position of Bank of America are really elevated since it has been positioned 2nd among the bank holding companies in all over the United States according to the value of the assets and is superior as compared to Wells Fargo. Actually, the bank has really developed famous owing to its workings and facilities that it is tallied as the 3rd largest establishment worldwide as registered by Forbes in the year 2010.

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This bank offers a complete variety of services and products to its customers by means of functioning nearly 5100 banking branches and whole 16300 ATMs apart from the call centers and moreover online banking amenities together with the mobile banking application as well. The Bank of America provides several kinds of loans and refinancing requirements and you might as well get mortgage loans for buying a home or anything else. The majorly significant utility of the bank is that it offers the biggest consumer banking to customers as well as minor businesses for monetary facilities. This bank has been vigorously contending with the retail banking supports of America’s elite banks namely Citigroup, Wells Fargo, and JPMorgan Chase.

A few of its significant aspects have been given below:

  • The bank is established with the headquarter in Charlotte
  • It fetches greater fees as compared to the opponents
  • Its rates of its savings bank accounts are lesser than remaining banks
  • You may also open the checking account at minor rates than rest of the banks
  • It comprises of several branches in every state which others doesn’t
  • The bank has lesser ATMs each state as compared to similar institutions

Getting the ABA Routing Number as per the Bank of America is a real easy task. All you need to do sign in to the personal Online banking platform of the bank. After doing so, you require selecting your preferred account and subsequently click on the tab titled ‘Information & Services’ tab. It is going to redirect you to the specific bank routing transit number. In case you are encountering any trouble and don’t have access to the online banking, and you don’t even have any idea about the state where your account got opened, you may call the customer service to obtain complete particulars of Bank of America Routing Numbers. The Bank of America’s Transit Number is measured to be a 9-digit code stated on the bottom left section of the check allotted to the financial establishments in ABA. The Wire Routing Number of the Bank of America has been asked to those kinds of transactions performed like an electronic payment to transfer funds through Wire such as SWIFT. To transfer money by means of the wire method, you require to sign in through the online banking provided to you and choose the tab to direct money towards your own account or even to someone else’s account or a business. There is one more choice to send money by means of wire transfer is through fetching an appointment on a native financial branch of the Bank of America.

Bank of America Routing Number – State Wise

State / RegionPaper Electronic TransactionsWire Transfer
Florida, East063000047063100277026009593
Florida, West063100277063100277026009593
Illinois – South081904808081904808026009593
Illinois – North071000505071000505026009593
Illinois – Chicago Metro071103619081904808026009593
Indiana (Opened before 8/23/2008)051000017051000017026009593
Indiana (Opened after 8/23/2008)081904808081904808026009593
Michigan (Opened before 8/23/2008)051000017051000017026009593
Michigan (Opened after 8/23/2008)081904808081904808026009593
Missouri East/St. Louis081000032081000032026009593
Missouri West/Kansas City101000035081000032026009593
New Hampshire011400495011400495026009593
New Jersey021200339021200339026009593
New Mexico107000327107000327026009593
New York021000322021000322026009593
North Carolina053000196053000196026009593
North Dakota051000017051000017026009593
Rhode Island011500010011500010026009593
South Carolina053904483053904483026009593
South Dakota051000017051000017026009593
Texas, North111000025111000025026009593
Texas, South113000023111000025026009593
Washington DC054001204054001204026009593
West Virginia051000017051000017026009593

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